A Year of Transition

So much changed in the year 2020 for so many of us. Our focus shifted to that which was really important. Our health, our loved ones, how much of our daily lives that we really treasured, and how much we really didn’t. Changes were forced upon us.

Loosing Dave’s... was tragic. Knowing that so many others felt it that way, I feel both saddened and comforted. Together the staff, customers and I developed a strong community that has helped me feel supported while reimagining the future. 

The future that I am working towards is socially, economically and environmentally responsible. It matters that our soil is healthy, that our water and air are clean. At the most basic level these things keep us alive.  I want to work in the fresh air and use the resources we are fortunate to have available to feed ourselves and supply others with fresh, healthy, locally grown food,. I want our customers to be invested in this future too. To understand that their vegetables don’t just appear on the grocers shelf but are grown here, by people in their community, and maybe even could be by them too.

We can grow an abundance of good food right here. We do not need to import so much of what we eat from other parts of the world. We can support local farmers and local economies without giving up all of the conveniences or luxuries we have become accustomed to. Why are we buying green beans from California in Ontario in July? Why does our garlic come from China? What choices can we make that support our local economy and ecosystem?

This year we are launching Coyote Song Farm & Forest. Here we will grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers using organic principles and with an emphasis on regeneration of the land on which we grow. We will also be offering opportunities for people to experience the farm, walk the forest trails and camp under the stars whilst our coyote neighbours offer their nightly chorus.

I want our customers to know about their food and to know the people who grow it. And, I want to know the people who are supporting our farm and our vision of the future. As I navigate the transition to this next project I hold tight to the importance of community for enriching my life and for making my business venture meaningful, satisfying and successful, and I look forward to building connections with community members I have gotten to know over the years, and many more I will get to know in the years ahead.