Shh... The field is sleeping

Coming Spring 2021

Meet Liz & John

Farm fresh produce

The garlic is in the ground and the seeds are being selected. Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans... all the fresh vegetables you love to eat and even some you don't! Stay tuned for updates and product availability

Cut flowers

Fresh cut flowers brighten up even the darkest of days. Add a bouquet on to your produce order or purchase a subscription for a weekly or biweekly delivery of seasonal fresh flowers.

Herbs and edible flowers

Fresh herbs by the bunch and edible bouquets in mason jars. Add the freshness of the field to your favorite dishes, and brighten up your kitchen counter with a bouquet of herbs and edible flowers

Sleep Under the Stars

Visit the farm for the night and enjoy one of our canvas bell tents outfitted with full size beds, cozy linens and a comfortable sitting area

2020 Was A Year Of Change

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Farm Address

5122 4th Line

Erin, Ontario

L7J 2L8

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Radio Canada story on our transition to farm life

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